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Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags brand’s most classic Chyc Cabas actress who is very popular in Europe and America as well, and like other popular styles of bags, Yves Saint Laurent’s this Chyc Cabas has almost become a street hand bag styles, and even Lady Gaga also can not resist the temptation. And this year, the official website of Yves Saint Laurent’s 2012 spring and summer series Chyc Cabas in the use of color is more bright bold. There are men’s shoes Yves Saint Laurent both avant-garde and classical design, is the perfect combination of art and craft. Updated Latico Heritage, Gucci and other brands in the MESSENGER EDITION special messenger bags, messenger bags in recent years, relatively popular these days, it is tough shape, back up the spirit capable, spacious and practical interior space; another new balance underwear and compression pants special.

Replica Yves Saint Laurent

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Paris is the new brand name in March 2012 to return to Yves Saint Laurent as creative director of designer Hedi Slimane for its clothing line change. Therefore, the continuous success of the bag or not related to the revival of the renamed Yevs Saint Laurent, it is about the future of the designer Hedi Slimane. Unied States YSL little black curtain that people always let me give it something positioned as dress series. But the study found that the more that a few years ITBAG inside, there have been many Y family name. The first is the “MUSE” package! Partakers of its large size, large, medium and small. In addition to the color aspects of black and white, olive green, fashion gold, beige and coffee earth system is also very often see people like to dig, if the budget enough, select alligator Muse is the air, even with the easy to take the pieces jeans and cowboy boots, style is endless! Monogram series by Hedi Slimane in 2013 in LA design, the series artist Cassandre in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent Logo design is based on the interpretation of the variations.

Replica Yves Saint Laurent

SYL referred to the yves saint laurent Yves Saint Laurent bag, beauty bag imported original counters quality, style and color minimalist exterior design capable, stylish and elegant, unique personality, is popular in Europe and in France the big famous handbags, and classic style design. YvessaintLaurent recently launched the world’s limited edition package army, this army bag full of masculinity, informal atmosphere in a cell designed for people who like to use the field, of course, is more suitable for the collection. Yves Saint Laurent black leather classic clutch Ms. Y mark this elegant pure black leather clutch, classic wild colors, unique leather and delicate, refined urban women show the trend of taste. Wrap simple and clear but yet elegant design. In recent years the luxury leather goods has been a symbol of elegance, and high fashion brands have mostly chosen to reflect the alligator or snake skin texture, but I saw a lot of these animal lines, it is inevitable that some fatigue.

Replica Yves Saint Laurent

The French fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent unveiled a use ostrich wallet as the main material. It is a novel use of ostrich, ostrich skin texture and special, both alligator hard, there are wild python skin and rich color layer. This reflects the Yves Saint Laurent purse has always been elegant and avant-garde, olive green color and unique texture ostrich bring people from a mysterious atmosphere with wild African savannah. The wallet itself with powerful aura is different, YSL’s classic logo is unusually low profile appears in the bottom right side of the wallet. Compared with the Japanese brand visvim ostrich shoes introduced a few years ago, this purse is more focused on the performance of the skin texture. The practical aspects, Yves Saint Laurent also give a satisfactory answer, double the design and placement of up to 12 card capacity allows you to rest assured that money is not afraid fit. In recent years, Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent bag has become a foreign star, model, socialite, fashion’s favorite objects. This section of St. Yves Saint Laurent blue ‘Betty’ series Mobile Messenger chain bag is today the main style of autumn and winter, and in 2014 also continues to be a popular trend, many Hollywood stars, such as Angelina Jolie and so chose this bags, Taiwan variety show fashion modeling teacher Chen Sun Hua also strongly recommended section bag, and now there are a variety of Bluefly betty series of bags to join discount area is definitely a rare opportunity to buy!