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The newest Marcello de Cartier Although designed for women style, creative inspiration is from a male leather, shoulder flip cover, like a briefcase, assistance package goods in order, although hasty departure is not afraid of a loss, Wrap soft, feminine return, there are hollow and pin decorative corners and seams in the same color. The strap can adjust the length of the bag, while three sizes design. The basic materials are cattle, sheep and expansive python skin, etc., to impose handmade tanning, leather is soft, like claiming the second layer of skin. Marcello de Cartier Satchel shoulder bag is simple and uncomplicated design the biggest feature, including the inside surface embellishment brand double-C logo, hollow fan corners and outer metal stud fastener finishing touch added some dynamic effects, the choice of precious leather is the material, while rare staggered saddle stitching, tacking technology and hand-dyed material. Functionally, the wide range of items can be stored in the “bulk” demonstrates its usefulness, in addition, handbag strap configuration, in addition to a folder on the inside of the arm, hand, you can also shoulder. Available in red, black and tobacco brown three.


The latest Replica Cartier Bags Marcello de Cartier and Van has become a global star children are one of the hottest bags, but also appeared frequently in the street shooting photographer under the lens. England whether from Hollywood • Anne Hathaway, or from the East Ny; from the southern hemisphere Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Motta, Germany to the Nordic fashion editor; also, or the streets of Paris that arty girl, will use a Marcello de Cartier to accompany their play different roles in life. Cartier upcoming November launch of this new family package, the new Marcello de Cartier Satchel Shoulder Bag will be one kind of French elegance, fresh and natural atmosphere minimalist fashion show college style. The new series Marcello de Cartier Satchel bag models. New Marcello de Cartier Satchel Shoulder Bag will be one kind of French elegance, fresh and natural atmosphere minimalist fashion show college style. A woman’s life, is always accompanied by a variety of bags, but these bags are always a reflection of a woman’s experience of growing up with emotion, as if in our lives over the man.


When the bird cloth naive flawless, like around young guess no frills like him; to puppy love, fashion shops colorful bag caught our attention, as if the sun handsome young boy; entering the workplace, dreams locked preached every day in magazines big gorgeous handbags, they satisfy our vanity, and as “Mr. Perfect” Choi, who looks out for harvest when the queen envious eyes; until one day, a successful career, a wealth of experience and full of heart, let us begin to understand their true needs, we really know how to choose their own package, it is like who is not publicity but very tasteful gentleman, mature, gentle, careful and considerate, he used a deep heritage to support our success, with a good quality to bring out our light, and he will always be accompanied by side when we need. In Italian, this man is called “Marcello”, the word now instead of the previous “Mr.Right”, European women are now becoming popular catchphrase: “Hey, did you find your ‘Marcello’ man ? “when two female friends meet, often this opening, perhaps because of this, the French leader in the Cartier boutique latest women handbags, also named as” Marcello “.


“Marcello” bag as “Marcello” man, that famous door, distinguished lineage, but did not put on a superior posture. It is excellent both inside and outside, the best deal in brand leather tanning process excellence, the texture supple dexterity, able to adapt to all parts of the body movement and posture. It is practical and thoughtful, large, medium and small capacity, not only provides a wealth of choice, the outside zippered pocket and two inside pockets, but also help us to put in place all the necessary items are summarized. In addition, and many Cartier boutique, as it restrained and understated excellence detail, whether it is a special double C jacquard lining, solid brass nail care package at the end of the bag inside the bag body and the zipper or simple double-C logo, are revealed the top luxury brands pursuit of quality. “Marcello” bag has just come out, it has been sought after by many international celebrities stars, they are elegant temperament, the success of the famous independent women. US they know what kind of life they want, what kind of man, what kind of bags, because they is their master.


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