Fendi Dotcom Click Small leather shoulder bag


Say that the simple wind is never out of fashion is also a noble expression, but in the fashion week T stage to stand out, or ultimately, a wide variety of decoration, from London to Milan Paris Fashion Week, colorful and fancy decoration must be 2017 spring Summer catwalk replica bag totethe biggest bright spot, this beautiful bag with you focus Replica Fendi Bags 2017 spring and summer catwalk models female replica bag tote, the bags replica and shoulder strap with hand-woven pattern and three-dimensional flower decoration, combined with color rivets embroidered pattern, Of the small hair ball, fashionable romantic girl full of feelings, Meilen Meiyuan style intoxicated, it is reflected in the wonderful hand.

Replica Fendi Handbags

As the saying goes, the year is the spring, the name of the new DotCom handbag, from the handbag on the hollow curved dots, the hollow dot is a lock hole, the bag has a very powerful place, open the bag will have a string of gold foil number, you can trace This replica bag totefrom which the craftsmen of the hand, in the future you take this bag to the maintenance will give priority to the original creation of its craftsmen.

Can easily lock the handbag hidden in a hit color clutch bag! Remove the bag, the dots not only reveal the colorful inside the handbag, vaguely see is one of the vast world. With the bag, given the new life of DotCom, so that it is not just “one” pieces of ordinary handbags, it can be locked in the handbag, as a small space can be stored small objects, but also lightweight demolition, incarnation dinner When the decorations, or work when the shopping bag! Crisp shape, so Replica Fendi Handbags new DotCom handbags exudes a modern and classic atmosphere; unexpected soft texture, people can not help but want to close, touch. Black, milky white, pigeon gray, brown and light blue, with five colors Fendi DotCom is already gorgeous? That it and Fendi Strap You bracelet of the color of the collision, but also provoke what kind of inspiration sparks?

Replica Fendi Handbags

Dotcom handbag was born in September 2015 2016 spring and summer series, is the 2016 replica bag totethe world’s hottest new force, so Replica Fendi Bags sector explosion king’s throne is still no one beyond. Buckle in the handbag on the bag, from the hollow curved dots exposed with the different colors of the handbag, look from the outside, like a cute Dot dots, which is the source of inspiration Dotcom handbags! The front has Dotcom the most iconic hollow dots, the basic replica bag totewas rectangular, cortical tough, feel smooth. Single handle is still a hot trend, wrapped with a suture, replica bag toteshape is very practical.

Back less suture and dots, more neat and neat. The bottom decorated with four metal round nails, in fact, such as the bottom of the bag of children’s shoes should know, in fact, it is easy to produce wear marks, because the round nail their height problem. So every time you put the bag to be more protected. Such a large body, and metal parts, less than 1000g, in fact, has been considered a small bag in the light.

Replica Fendi Handbags

How big is it? Height and a bottle of 550ml cola contrast, width and a bottle of 550ml Coke contrast, come up with a bottle of 550ml Pepsi, look at it, probably know the size of Dotcom. Handbags contain two spacious zipper area, installed iPad and files are no problem, the other two bags can be put on mobile phones and credit cards or private small objects. Why is this replica bag toteso red? This dots are mysterious, why is this bag called Dotcom, because of this dot and round hole, triangular metal dots are “locked in” hollow small round hole. What is this dot in the end? The bag contains a bag with the bag hit the color of the bag, can be combined in the handbag to become a small space can be stored small objects; can also be disassembled, as a separate hand bag, no problem! There is a zipper on the front, the design is very simple, very thin, the basic business card and change the card replica bag toteis enough. Fendi launched a series of band, called Strap You, this series can be wrapped with a variety of bags, not only Fendi exclusive. And Dotcom is the most match with Strap You, street shooting rate is the highest pair of CP. From Peekaboo, By the Way to 2Jours series are all won! All kinds of Fendi bags can be equipped with Strap You, do not underestimate this wide shoulder strap, not only the price comparable to a handbag (the cheapest are more than 6,000), and its style will nowadays the hottest “wide shoulder strap” The trend pushed to the climax, and even can be said to play a role in fueling.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Positive metal fittings, single-handle metal fittings are still the same as the Dotcom dot shape, are metal rivets. The back because of the shoulder strap, metal rivets into a metal buckle. Side of the two ears shape design, you can buckle in the body, you can also let go, if you do not like the shape of the bag too structured, you can open the ears, very cute .